Jealously is an interactive board game created as an academic project. The choice of theme was random and the following problem was assigned to us: ¨Jealousy in the couple¨.

After a long research process in the area of ​​couple relationships (talks with psychologists and interviews with real couples), we came to the conclusion that there is no definitive and radical solution to prevent or resolve jealousy in the couple. However, you can create a product where the goal is to spark and help the conversation about that jealousy if the couple so wishes.

Even though this is our main objective, we realized that our target audience was not only couples but that it could be played with a group of friends or as an icebreaker when meeting with a group of peers.

It brings together industrial design and multimedia design in the same final product. The industrial design is present in the physical creation of the game board, along with the lighting design. At the same time, the multimedia design is present in the web application that connects to the board, and, finally, the graphic design is found in the visual identity that encompasses the entire project.
Bianca Kunze (Industrial Design) y Cecilia Fein (Multimedia Design)
Suit Adobe (After Effects | Illustrator | Premiere)
HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript | Arduino
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