Re-Earth Mission 
by BUFF®
Art direction for BUFF®.
Manifesto for our concept "Terrestrial Rediscovery"
and naming "
Re-Earth Mission by BUFF®"

It's simple, it's in our DNA. We are innately curious and we love to explore the environment in which we live and beyond. We managed to build rockets, we reached space, we stepped on the Moon and soon we will move to Mars. The effort is extraordinary but... are we sure that we have already discovered everything about Planet Earth? Re-Earth Mission by Buff® is an invitation to give a resignification of the meaning of exploration toward our Planet Earth as we know it. Realizing that we do have not enough knowledge about the incredible destinations and cultures that surround us. We need to stop imagining a future on an alienated planet that currently has nothing to offer to us and make the exercise of looking down and recognizing the Earth, and everything it has to give us and fulfill us.
¡We stayed on Earth!
We are not going anywhere but staying in our home
and rediscovering its most beautiful landscapes not yet enhanced.
Campaign Visuals
This campaign takes the aesthetics and codes of popular knowledge space missions. We will discover places on earth in a thorough and dedicated way as NASA discovers new planets.​​​​​​​

First Phase Landing Page Creative
Space report on Earth editorial design
DDA - Natalia Sampedro
 | Natalia Abal | Andrea García | Mika Kishimoto | Juliana Vargas
Graphic Design - Mika Kishitmoto | Natalia Abal
Audiovisuals -
Natalia Abal

Suit Adobe (Illustrator | Photoshop | After Effects)
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