Eau de Parfum
Art direction realized for URGE Eau de Parfum.
Concept "Vital Impulse"
From the Latin Impulsus, the term impulse refers to the action and effect of promoting (incite, stimulate, push). Impulse is also the suggestion and instigation. The desire or emotion that leads us to do something, often without due reflection. On the other hand, the impulse is our impetus, our intuition, the force and energy that leads us in essential movement in search of growth. 
Naming "Urge"

URGE is a stimulus, the moment in which one connects with oneself and is released without fear. It represents that irreversible click and explosion where our true self comes out and doesn't want to hide again.
URGE is about change and about taking the plunge without thinking too much. We´ve got this instant moment to make the switch, no tomorrow nor the future, is now or never.
Tagline "Fucking Alive"
There´s no other way to say it, WE´RE FUCKING ALIVE. Life measures itself in how intensively we live. Those who aline with this, are always seeking to live intensively and are passionate about the things they really like to do.
Key Visuals
URGE pretends to have a legible and impressive identity that attracts attention. 
Playing with a style that borders the modern from the kitsch.
Modern, strong, elegant, and sophisticated with a mix of irony and humor
are the guidelines for all the graphic and product design pieces.

URGE is a disruptive attitude, and is radical.
Transparency, irregularity, timelessness, vibration.
DDA - Alessia Blonda | Amanda de Menezes | Laura Xifra | 
Andrea García | Natalia Abal
Audiovisuals - Natalia Abal

Suit Adobe (After Effects | Illustrator | Photoshop | After Effects)
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