Concept Store
Art direction for a Spanish Concept Store based in Japan.
Concept "From the Roots"
Spanish roots have a figurative and metaphoric meaning in this project. The final product is a Cocktail Concept Store in which each beverage is made from Spanish vegetables grown in the same store. The aim is to introduce Spanish gastronomy in Japan, and what better idea to show this to them than the richness of the Spanish soil?


Exclusive, personalized, and guided exploratory journey. Local guides will invite clients to tour the concept store through concrete paths surrounded by a native Spanish micro forest. In it, they will be invited to search and choose 5 different herbs that will later be used to create a personalized cocktail. Accompanied by the cocktails, and tapas of the season. The trip sounds from the vegetation itself mixed with specific instruments from Spain.
Key Visuals
Clean, terrestrial, natural, and minimalist are the guidelines for each graphic piece that complete the project.

DDA - Natalia Sampedro | Valentina Porras | 
Mariana de Toledo | Natalia Abal
Graphic Design - Natalia Abal
Renders -
Natalia Sampedro

Suit Adobe (llustrator | Photoshop)
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