Unfinished Tour 
by Anika
Art direction for Anika's World Tour. 
This World Tour is a metaphor for our interior.
An inner experience through the artist mirrors the human being itself.
Concept "Constant Search"
Constant Search was the main concept that put together all the visual and design pieces. 
The nonstopping life search leads us to a never-ending evolution of ourselves and our surroundings. This restless attitude defines Anika and her artistic footprint and therefore our art direction into her World Tour.
Naming "Unfinished"
Unfinished is the name of her World Tour. We´re never complete, in other words, we´re always incomplete. There´ll be always an inner void in ourselves reminding us that we don´t have to have everything figured out. The feeling of incompleteness is our engine for life.
Key visuals
Melancholic Chic, underground, modern, contrast, and synthetic collage are the guidelines for the creation of all the graphic and audiovisual designs for her World Tour.

We breathe Anika in these words and hope you do too.
Anika is an artist with many enigmas, presenting a natural mystery that as a listener draws you in.  These concerns and aspects that we didn´t understand were what led us to create this concept and the visual universe for her world tour.
DDA - Alessia Blonda | Amanda de Menezes | Laura Xifra | Natalia Abal
Audiovisuals - Natalia Abal

Suit Adobe (After Effects | Illustrator | Photoshop)
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