Hey Ziri!
Art direction made for a podcast by Radio Moritz Cervezas.
Concept "Sintonizar"

The concept of "Sintonizar" refers to the connection that is generated between two or more people coinciding in thought or in feelings. The podcast collects this idea in all its forms, from the procedure to its aesthetics, thus generating a decisive product for the most
curious that encompasses the insight of constant updating by those who consider themselves "forever younger".
Naming "Hey Ziri!"
As the concept exposes, the podcast proposed a space with current and emerging issues that are usually unknown but of interest to people from previous generations to update them. It alludes to this innate need of "forever youngers" to want to know everything. This podcast is your guru of the new trends marked by the new generations.
The name refers to Siri, one of the first virtual assistants to appear. As generation Z is the attendance in the podcast, a game is made between these two approaches, thus creating Hey Ziri!

The program will consist of an interview between a gen Z and a "forever younger". The Gen Z as the interviewee will explain a certain trendy topic to this other generation which will have the role of interviewer. 
The interviewee will choose a place in Barcelona that is special to them for some reason, in order to connect the podcast with the city.
The interviewer will lead the interview with scripted questions, but there will also be space for questions from the public. Through WhatsApp voice messages that will be provided, the audience will be able to ask the interviewee directly and live about anything, be it a more technical or more personal question, thus creating an entertaining and fun conversation to listen to.
In keeping with Moritz's spontaneous and non-naive tone, the podcast will create original actions in keeping with the episode's theme that will fit outside the confines of conventional podcast structure. The impact of this action will be discussed in the next chapter, thus creating an expectation and continuity between the chapters.

You can enjoy our Teaser here! Enjoy!
DDA - María Olaya | Natalia Sampedro | 
Mariana de Toledo | Sergi Quiles | Natalia Abal
Graphic Design - Sergi Quiles
Audiovisuals -
Natalia Abal

Suit Adobe (Illustrator | Photoshop | After Effects)
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